The Bob Jones Corporation Pty Ltd is a multi-faceted organisation that promotes self defence and fitness training programs and supplies professional public security in the form of physical personnel and now electronic surveillance.

The company was established in 1965 by Mr Robert (Bob) Jones, who was responsible for establishing the first professionally organised Crowd Control Company.

For over 40 years within the security industry, Mr Jones’ company has protected the wellbeing of the public providing security at entertainment venues scaling from local clubs and public bars to outdoor concerts and festivals.

Throughout the seventies and eighties, Bob Jones personally protected many major international celebrities including The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Paul McCarthy and Wings, ABBA, Joe Cocker, David Bowie, Paul Rodgers and Bad Company, Linda Ronstadt, Spandu Ballet, Boy George, Muhammad Ali and Shelley Berman to name but a few.

At present many of his predecessors continue to protect current celebrities and dignitaries such as Al Gore, Kylie Minogue, Madison Avenue, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Frank Sinatra, Paul Hogan, Luciano Pavarotti, Erin Brockovich, Pink, Harry Connick Jnr, Human Nature, Julian Lennon, Bob Dylan and TV’s Gladiators.

The Bob Jones Corporation or BJC (as it is affectionately known) has developed a household name, with the Bob Jones Martial Arts (BJMA) brand being considered the largest Martial Arts Organisation within the South Pacific. This division of the organisation has provided self defence and fitness programs for children and adults for over 35 Years with registered instructors and establishments throughout Australia, New Zealand and Israel.

The company is planning expansion throughout the United States, United Kingdom and Europe possibly beginning in 2008.

Many BJMA instructors are fitness industry professionals operating their own businesses under the BJC franchise as personal and group training specialists; with nationally accredited credentials in Sports Coaching, Personal Training and First Aide.

Other points of notoriety include the introduction and expansion of combat sports to Australia; national media interviews on radio, television and newspapers; and becoming an author of his self-published book, “Let the Good Times Roll”.

In 1976, Mr Jones began promoting ‘Kick-Boxing’ within Australia and then ‘Thai-Boxing’ in 1986. Throughout the 1990’s, Mr Jones introduced his organisation to ‘Shoot-Fighting’ concepts; a fore-runner to now popular Mixed Martial Arts. His personal dedication to the promotion of these sporting concepts has developed many Australian, Commonwealth, South-Pacific and World Champions in all weight divisions and martial disciplines.

Mr Jones has been in great demand as a guest on programmes including the Don Lane Show, Good Morning Australia with Bert Newton and many current affairs programmes as a spokesperson for the security industry.

Due to his expert knowledge and the ability to manage a national network of health and fitness industry experts, the Bob Jones Corporation (BJC) was asked by Channel 7 producers to select the fittest and most agile Australians for the hit TV show, GLADIATORS which made its television debut in 1995.

With thousands of people to select from within each state and the timeline of approximately a week, Mr Jones designed a 9-minute plyometric routine using exercises which have been taught throughout his network of BJC schools for the last 30 years.