BJMA AEK - Doce Pares


Established in 1932 in Cebu City in the Philippines, Doce Pares brought together some of Cebu City's top Eskrimadors to train, fight and promote their art under one banner.

It is recognised as the single largest International promoter of authentic Filipino Martial Arts.

Doce Pares translates as 12 pairs, and represents the original 12 founding members, and also signifies the 12 angles of attack and corresponding defenses to those attacks.

Doce Pares is widely known for it's classic low stances and the original 12 Doce Pares forms. Forms training is considered an important element of the system, as it improves balance, strength, speed and co-ordination between the hands, body and footwork. Many, if not all masters, grandmasters and students have contributed to the art's growth and popularity throughout the world. In recent times, the profile of Doce Pares has been significantly raised by SGM Dionisio A. Cañete through his ongoing development of his Doce Pares Multi-Styles Curriculum and drafting of the rules for the WEKAF full contact stick fighting tournaments.

Since 1975, SGM D. A. Cañete has been conducting seminars and workshops all over the world, inspiring such martial arts luminaries as Dan Inosanto, Richard Bustillo and Bobby Breen.

It was due to SGM Diony Cañete in August 2000 that the BJMA Eskrima Group achieved official affiliation certification and recognition by the world family of Doce Pares.This ongoing collaboration promises a great future for the BJMA Eskrima Group and its participants at all levels.

"2016 Celebrated 20 years of BJMA Eskrima since it's Foundation in November, 1996."

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